3 Steps On How To Choose A Veil

3 Steps On How To Choose A Veil

3 Things to Remember When Choosing a Wedding Veil

1. Pinpoint your budget have a price tag in mind. What can seem to be a flimsy piece of fabric can actually cost much more than expected, easily racking up your wedding budget. Some veils may even cost more than your actual dress itself. Veils can range significantly in price, usually dependent on the detailing A simple veil can start at about $250-$300, while more ornate veils can reach up to $3,000 or higher. Having a budgeted amount will help you narrow down your veil options.

2. Consider your  hairstyle. For example, if you're wearing the former, you may want to pin your veil below the bun to show off your updo. If you're hoping to add hair accessories to your look, let your bridal stylist know what you have in mind so she can help you choose the right veil style that will suit your accessories. You don't want your head to look cluttered!

3. Try On Multiple Wedding Veils with Your Dress. Your veil will help shape your style on the big day, so naturally, you'll want something that balances the vibes of your dress without overshadowing it. Pick and try on several options to embody different looks. Your look can change completely with the addition of a veil, so it's important that you, the bride feels most beautiful in whatever yout vision may be.

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